Diamond shine provides professional fascia and cladding cleaning services all over the Gloucestershire areas. Using the latest pure water technologies, we are able to expertly clean cladding and facades on residential and business properties.

There is nothing worse than dirty faded frames on windows, doors, rooflines and conservatories to ruin the look of your homes or businesses exterior. Some people have us cleaning their uPVC just before they are about to sell their property. We can clean the uPVC to look like first day installation. This then looks presentable to prospective buyers and this can be a major selling point and enhance the value of your home.

Our cleaning action removes all ingrained dirt returning the uPVC to its original white colour. Our uPVC fascias cleaners use professional cleaning solutions to get results that will restore your uPVC back to a whiter than white.

Access to much of your home is above ground level but it is all in a days work as we have the necessary equipment to reach all these areas by ladder, scaffold or access platform.

So why not gives us a call and we will give you plenty of friendly advice on all your uPVC, whether it be to clean fascias, soffits, guttering, windows, doors, cladding or conservatories.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and for a free quote