Render cleaning service available in Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud

Render is used on properties in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester and across the UK and if not cleaned regularly the colour of render will appear to fade. This is because render is likely to become infected with algae, mosses, and lichens that stain and ruin the appearance of a home or commercial building. Softwashing is a safe way of removing organic matter from exterior render. Finished coloured renders like K-Rend and Moncouche suffer with algae, bacteria and mildew staining. Weather and pollution can also lead to staining and discolouration. Diamond Shine use a low pressure unit to gently clean render surfaces. If render is subjected to a high pressure wash it can cause long term damage, while softwashing will not harm the buildings substrate. A Softwash will will return any render surface cleaned to its natural state, looking freshly painted, thus increasing the buildings kerb appeal and value. We restore these surfaces to as new condition safely from the ground in most cases. We can restore any rendered surface including painted render and all pebble dashed finishes.

The warmer, more humid weather in the UK means that atmospheric growths are thriving, and are growing on render finished facades harder and faster than ever. Trying to remove these organic growths can prove problematic. High pressure washing can cause real damage, and if incorrectly removed the infection will return too soon. With our softwash treatments we apply softwash detergent blends, to both clean the building and eliminate the infection. This ensures the building looks great after cleaning, and keeps its brilliance.

The staining and discolouration of render leads many to think that full re-painting is the solution. This is expensive and completely unnecessary. When it is clean, render keeps its colour! 

We have recently completed render cleaning on this property in Gloucester, Gloucestershire. The customer is over the moon with the results and our reasonable price.

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